Sermocina is the most commonly spoken language on Xyon. It is the international language of trade and commerce, standing side-by-side with Basic Xai as a mode of communication. Spoken primarily in the lands of the Novus League, Sermocina is spoken by billions of people given its ease of learning and speech, and lack of difficult syllables and phonotactics. As a native language, Sermocina is quiet small by number of speakers, but as a secondary language, it is the largest in the world.

Origins & HistoryEdit

Sermocina spoken by the major of the population on Xyon given its ease of learning, and the relative ease of understanding others with a thick accept that may impede more sensitive languages that place more emphize on tone and stress. Even in the lands of the Xai, Sermocina is spoken frequently given its strong similarity to the Basic Xai in composition and vocabulary. Though the majority of the nations in the Novus League, where the language is spoken the most, it is not the first language of the people, and thus believed to have been an entirely artifical creation simply to break down the lingustical barriers between the numerous nations.

Unlike Basic Xai, Sermocina does not has a special written script, but uses simple letters and numbers that are easy to understand and comprehend. Here it is believed that the letters and numerals were adopted from the Xai written languages, with which Sermocina shares many similaries. This is considered possible given that Basic Xai was lingua franca before the time of Sermocina's creation, and the Novans' attempts to create a language seperate of that used by the Xai may have resulted in the adoption of many Xai letters and numbers. Today, one can see the similarities between the two, but still understand both with a little bit of training.

A notable fact about the language is that the leaders of both the Xai and the Novus sign their names in Sermocina when dealing with international documents or events. However, they prefer to use their native language for domestic matters when it comes to such times to do so.


  • Sermocina is based off of American and British English, with the Latin alphabet as its standard writing system. The name and history of Sermocina only serves to provide a unique version of English instead of simply calling the language that instead.
  • The word sermocina is Latin for "talk" or "chat".